Google Map Plugin – Fantastic & FREE!

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Google Map Plugin – Fantastic & FREE!
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One of the things I like most about working with clients is that I often need to come up with a solution for something that is unique for their business or is something I haven’t had to deal with on any of my personal sites or client sites. That’s how I found this Google Map Plugin. I know you may be thinking “Google Map is hardly new Kim”, and you’re right. But I don’t do much work with local clients (actually prefer not to – for some reason I spend more time trying to explain to them WHY they need a web presence, opt-in form, etc. and it ends up consuming way too much time) so I’ve never really needed to find a good Google Map Plugin.

Until my recent client.

This client has a system that they’re licensing and they have facilitators who are purchasing local sites. These sites will be directories of the primary site and they have also have physical locations. We’ll be adding them to a directory on the main site as well. We’re doing the local sites and I wanted an EASY Google Map Plugin that the facilitators could use on their sites.

I actually have a Google Map Plugin that I paid for (DOH!) that was pretty easy, but it didn’t have enough features in it. Like a ding dong I forget half of the time to search the WordPress Plugin directory for a solution (meaning, I tend to check premium plugins first… I know, I know…not the wisest choice). Fortunately this time I didn’t and was thrilled to find:

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

This is one of those plugins that you install and can figure out pretty quickly what you need to do, which is just friggin awesome! Of course he does have FAQ’s and screenshots on the plugin page so it’s not like you’ll be left hanging either way.  You can also set custom markers (like the little pin dropped on the map) for your location (remember, I’m the geek about graphics).

Here are a few of the highlights of the Comprehensive Google Map Plugin, then we’ll get into the video:

  • Intuitive and user friendly interface (really, it’s super easy)
  • Over 25o amazing custom marker icons
  • Aggregate all your post markers in one map – Marker Geo Mashup!
  • Google-like directions… driving AND walking! Bike too!
  • Info. window that can display marker’s street view within itself
  • Shortcode builder
  • And MUCH more!
Okie dokie.. let’s get to the video and you can see how this works!