WordPress Gallery Plugin – EASY to use and works GREAT

level Beginner

WordPress Gallery Plugin – EASY to use and works GREAT
level Beginner

Lately it seems like I’ve been on a bit of a mission trying to find a few plugins that work for clients (hence the Comprehensive Google Map plugin I found a week ago). Well, if you’ve EVER tried to find a WordPress Gallery Plugin that works, is easy to use and looks great, you totally understand the frustration that comes along with this.

I’m finishing up a site for a local client (Lollipop Cake Shop, I’ll show you what it looks like in the video. The current site is not her new WordPress site which of course is built on Genesis). Because her business relies primarily on word of mouth referrals AND pictures, clearly we needed to find a great WordPress Gallery Plugin that she would be able to use or someone could easily manage for her once I turn the site over.
WordPress Gallery Plugin features:

Here are the few things I was looking for:

  • Easy to use
  • Upload multiple images at ONE time
  • Pretty Photo lightbox integration (if you haven’t seen this, you will in the video. It just looks GREAT!)
  • Social media sharing options (O.K., truth be told I wasn’t looking for this but when I saw this came with it I was THRILLED)
  • Easily add descriptions, titles, etc.
  • Multiple options from a visual perspective
  • Responsive! Yep, you know that word that keeps popping up everywhere you go? Meaning, you can view it on ALL devices

That was just the initial list. This WordPress Gallery Plugin of course does WAY more than what I’ve listed above, and I’m still playing with it (you’ll see it on this site pretty soon, once I’ve moved my hosting over to WP Engine, btw, that should be complete on Monday! WOO HOO!).

I didn’t hesitate at ALL to purchase this when I found it because it’s created by the same developers who created the ‘Styles with Shortcodes’ plugin that I use as well as a bunch of other really good looking, highly functioning AND supported plugins (support being key! Ever bought a plugin only to find the developers stop supporting it? Paid or not… it’s a bummer!).

I’ve used a LOT of image gallery plugins, sliders, lightboxes, you name it. This is by far my FAVORITE gallery plugin. You can get it from Code Canyon. In case you haven’t purchased anything from Code Canyon, the process is a little different. You purchase credits (similar to iStock Photo) and then download your items. I believe you can purchase directly, but it costs a little more. SO… just depends on whether or not you think you’ll purchase from them again.